Our philosophy is based on 4 principles:

1. To Know

° Increase the literacy and scientific understanding of the students.

° Read, and to enjoy reading, to give meaning to a text.

° Seek differences and use the knowledge learnt.
° Know his/her country of origin, its heritage, its history and its culture. 

2. To Be

° Promote the best attitude and behaviour of each student.

° Respect the basic rules of life.

° Know their rights and moral duties.

° Respect other children and adults.

° Know how to manage a conflict and to have self-control.

° Respect the environment.

° Participate in activities.

3.To Understand

° Know our host country, Vietnam.

° Be able to think about a common problem and how to solve it.

° Be able to analyse, deduce and anticipate.
° Reasoning and action.

4. To become

° Realize skills, talents and ambitions.
° Explore career options.
° Accept Guidance and Mentorship.

7 commitments of EFI Center are :


Etre visionnaire
Be visionary


To present a perception of the world through Education, focused towards the future. 



Savoir communiquer

Be able to communicate

To encourage harmony between teachers and students.


Etre équitable
Be fair


To have the opportunity to learn several languages ​​and also respect the cultures of others.


Enseigner, être professionnel

Teach and be professional


To teach problem solving skills and analysis of complex problems and teach communication skills.

Etre responsable

Be responsible

Veiller, rester informé

Keep informed


To have conscientious, motivated and responsible teachers.

To always be aware of what is happening within both the French National and English International Education Systems. 


Préparer l’avenir

Prepare for the future


To encourage our children to work individually and within groups.