EFI CENTER offers two programs: French and English.

For the Creche/Nursery and Kindergarten the curriculum is bilingual.

Nursery : Bilingual section.


Our Nursery Program is designed to stimulate the senses and curiosity of the child in a secure environment. Children are divided into small groups according to their age. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, and by listening to the parents we focus on the needs of each child. Musical and Artistic Workshops awaken our toddlers.


Bilingual section.Kindergarten : 


Our Kindergarten Program offers a bilingual classroom which is home to children aged from 3 to 6 years. This classroom has three differents sections based on age. Our bilingual Kindergarten Program is in accordance with the French National Education Curriculum and includes:

+ Languages 

+ Mathematics 

+ Physical Activities 

+ Music 

+ Fine Arts 

+ Free Activities

French Primary


Our curriculum is taken from the French National Education program. Children work on the following themes:

° The use of speaking, reading and writing in the French and English languages

° Mathematics

° History and Geography 

° Science and Technology 

° Techniques of information and communication 

° Arts Education including Visual Arts, Music and Drama 

° Physical Education 

° Civics

° The discovery of the world 

° Learning about life from within the school community

Fundamental principles

Gaining understanding

French College


From 11 to 15 years old our students undertake lessons in French, Mathematics, English, Modern Languages​​, Science, Life on Earth, Physical Sciences, Music, Visual Arts, Physical Education, History, Geography and Technology all provided by trained teachers. 



Graduation from the college is validated by the National Certificate comprising a continuous measurement of grades throughout the year, with tests in French, Mathematics and History/Geography and at least English Level A2 of the Common European Framework for English Language.

EFI Center offers 4 intensive hours of English per week.